Clutch Repairs

For clutch repairs you need Pialba Brakes, the leaders in guaranteed clutch repairs in Hervey Bay.

The clutch is what enables your car to transition smoothly between gears as you drive. When the clutch isn’t working properly, it can put added strain on your engine and driveline, causing components to wear down prematurely.

A faulty clutch can also give you a very rough ride as it tries to transition smootly between gears

In extreme cases a faulty clutch can fail completely and cause damage to the transmission.

For affordable clutch repairs see our team right in the heart of Hervey Bay

Clutch repairs or servicing

With regular servicing, your clutch and transmission can keep purring along smoothly for many years to come and our experienced team of qualified technicians have the skills and knowledge to look after the clutch in your vehicle.

Our team also has the skills, equipment and experience to perform any repairs that are necessary0.

Affordable rates

Clutch repairs can be expensive but you will find that our rates are very affordable.

You can also be sure that we will use the best parts for your motor vehicle and ensure that fitting those parts is done in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. 

clutch repairs for you car, SUV or light commercial