Brake Repairs – You need them done by a professional

Putting your foot on the brake pedal activates many things. If your brakes are not working effectively then you may have a fault with brake pads (or linings), brake rotors (or drums), brake calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, master cylinder, brake pad material etc. Only a professional can tell what might be causing the problem and the type of brake repairs that you will need to have done on your car.

Your brake hoses may be in this condition and you will not know. Brake hoses will degrade from the inside out.

High pressures are generated when you put your foot on the brake pedal, and this has the potential to burst hoses in extreme applications.

All rubber hoses have a life expectancy of just 5-6 years.

Free Brake Inspections Save Lives

With a FREE brake inspection we can determine where the fault lies, and what needs to be done to rectify the fault.

We can manufacture in-house replacement brake hoses for a large range of motor vehicles, 4WD’s, caravans, trailers. If needed we can also fit new hoses, bleed and adjust your braking system.

If all you need are brake pads then we use and recommend TRW brake pads, including their new D-TEC pad with better braking efficiency and reduced brake dust.

Brake repairs should not be done by anyone other than a professional and the leading brake repair professionals are at Pialba Brake, Clutch & Steering Centre.

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