Clutch Repairs – it’s a job for a professional.


A worn flywheel

Exedy clutches are our preferred supplier, and also for a large number of vehicle manufacturers.

When your vehicle needs clutch repairs we can do standard replacement kits, or if required, look at alternatives for you, be it for performance applications, towing the boat or caravan or just heading off to the outback.

We regularly carry out clutch repairs on everything from small cars to large trucks and buses.

Flywheel Machining.
When replacing your clutch it is strongly recommended you have your flywheel machined. This will ensure your flywheel has the correct step, is square and will provide a correctly ground surface for the clutch plate to grip effectively.

We have the equipment to machine your fly wheel in-house

Clutch repairs should only be carried out by a qualified professional and when it comes to clutch repairs there are none more qualified than theĀ  staff at Pialba Brake, Clutch and Steering Centre.

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