Authorised Inspection Station

In the state of Queensland, you must register your vehicle in order to be able to operate it on the road legally. To obtain that registration, your vehicle must be deemed roadworthy. That designation can only be declared by an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS).

Pialba Brake, Clutch and Steering Centre is a listed AIS for Queensland. We can conduct the necessary inspection to certify your vehicle for registration.

If any repairs are necessary in order for you to achieve that status, we can provide a quotation for the completion of these repairs.

We are approved to inspect:

  • Motor Vehicles up to 4.5T GVM

  • Trailers over 0.75T up to 3.5T ATM

  • Motor Vehicles over 4.5T up to 16T GVM

  • Trailers or Semitrailers over 3.5T ATM

Bring your car by our shop today or call to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to fit you in so you can get your vehicle registered in Queensland right away.

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Authorised vehicle inspection station and registrations