Radiator Servicing

Problems with the radiator in your car can result in lots of very expensive repairs, regular radiator servicing can prevent those problems from ocurring.

The radiator and cooling system in your car are designed to stop your engine from overheating. When it’s working properly it protects the engine in your car and ensures that it will go on giving you miles of trouble-free motoring.

When your radiator stops working as it should your engine begins to suffer and if your radiator stops working your engine can quickly turn into a pile of scrap metal and that can cost you large amounts of money to repair.

Regular radiator servicing that includes pressure testing or your radiator, along with hose and coolant checks will protect your engine, and your wallet from those catastrophic failures that can cost you so much.

Radiator servicing can save you money

Regular radiator servicing can pick up even the smallest faults before they turn into major faults and give you plenty of warning so you can get the problems fixed before those problems really hurt your hip pocket.

Pialba Brakes offers a comprehensive radiator inspection service that will keep your car running sweetly even in the hottest conditions.

We also offer a complete radiator repair service for your vehicle so, if we do find problems with your radiator and cooling system, we can fix those problems for you before they cause major problems.

Radiator servicing from Pialbe Brake, Clutch & Steering