Steering and Suspension Repairs

Your life depends on your car’s suspension and steering

Your car’s suspension and steering are critically important to ensure the safety of you, your family and other road users.

Even minor problems with your car’s suspension or steering can make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

Car suspension that is worn or even broken can make you lose control under heavy braking or on rough roads.

Steering that is out of alignment or badly worn can also have a major impact on the amount of control you have over your motor vehicle.

These issues often start as something quite minor and develop slowly over time … so slowly that you don’t notice them until day, when you need them to perform at their best … they don’t.

Affordable, guaranteed steering and suspension repairs

You can rely on the experienced and highly qualified technicians at Pialba Brake, Clutch and Steering Centre to look after your car’s suspension and steering.

We know the signs of wear to look for and we will keep you safe on the road with quality parts and service at an affordable prices.

Steering and suspension services at Piabla Brakes Hervey Bay

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