Free Automotive Services

We offer a range of free automotive services here at Pialba Brake, Clutch and Steering Centre because we know that money can be tight and we want to keep you on the road.

Our range of free automotive services is just one of the many ways we can show how much we care about our customers.

Even if you have never brought your car into our shop before, you can get the following services completely free:

Brake Inspections
Your brakes are critical to your safety, so you need them to be functioning properly. We’ll take a look and provide you with a detailed report describing the condition of your brakes.

Battery Check
Many people never think about their vehicle battery until it fails. We can quickly conduct a battery ‘health check’.

Tyre Check
We check your tyres for tread wear and for damage to the tyre and tyre wall that you may not be able to see and we also make sure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

free automotive services from Pialba Brake, Clutch & Steering